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Walk In Beauty,

Live In Beauty




It is best to have a sponsor when visiting Little Big Medicine to help you understand proper conduct at the ceremonies.

Bringing Guests

When bringing a guest you are responsible for that person to host them, to make them feel welcomed, introducing them to others and to explain to them the proper etiquette.

Thankfulness & Generosity

It is good to thank the John family for welcoming you to this ceremony and their land. There is never any money charged for ceremony. Therefore, donations and volunteering to help with the work are always welcomed. Your generosity helps to keep the ceremony going today and for our future generations. All donations may be mailed or hand delivered directly to Danny or Lavina John.

Camping & Parking

When entering the Little Big Medicine grounds you will be asked a few questions and will be briefed on rules and conduct. You may ask for assistance as to where camping areas are available.

Come prepared with your own accommodations such as: Tipi or Camping tent, awning, bedding, camping chairs and tables, cooking gear, rake and shovel etc., as well as rain gear for possible monsoon weather and bug repellent for protection from bites. It is wise to bring plenty of your own water for bathing and drinking. Have your own food supplies, beverages and outdoor kitchen gear.

Main Camp kitchen: This volunteer kitchen provides breakfast, lunch and dinner; water, tea and coffee. This is mainly set up for the workers and volunteers. Meals are served at no cost. Any food and beverage donations are always welcomed.

Water: There are no faucets with free-flowing water. There are no shower facilities.Water is hauled in for the camp in water tanks. Please be conservative as you replenish your own supplies for your camp.

Trash Pickup: Haul out all your garbage after the ceremony. Let us repectfully keep our ceremonial grounds sacred and beautiful. It is best is to be as self-sufficient as possible.


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